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An interactive narrative in social engineering


Breacher Story is a playable narrative experience that dives deep into the world of cyber-security, conspiracy theories and social engineering. Enjoy an immersive choice-driven adventure through intriguing mobile conversations, real-time phone notifications and unprecedented world events. Carefully choose your replies to make your way up the small corporate ladder towards an unforeseen future or sabotage your new career. Witness critical world events surrounding cyber-threats, ransomeware, online phishing and DDoS attacks as they unfold in real time. Interact with unique characters in a story that’ll keep you entertained and guessing until its dramatic open ended conclusion.


Breacher Story is our second title.
Following the success of their first game, the Doubleton Game Studio team set off on a new endeavor: Bringing to their fans a game that would incorporate the Breacher universe into a interactive narration experience. This project was readily called : Breacher Story. After building the UI and chat system, they collaborated with music composer Matthew Squibb for the lead track and illustrator Kirill Kozyrev for characters design. Once the prototype was ready, they followed to the well-known path of alpha and beta testing exposing their game to industry specialists, cyber-security writers and gaming enthusiasts until the game was launched.
Breacher Story

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Doubleton Game Studio
Based Canada and Czech Republic.

Ianic Mathieu
Game Designer, Story and Graphic artist

Pavel Vitvera
Game Developer and Game Designer

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October 14, 2016

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